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Shan Wei's Biography & Awards:

Shan Wei, 善为,出生于山东枣庄,是一位极具市场潜力的年轻书画家,作品多次获奖。近些年,善为致力于国画山水的写生和创作中,他的作品洒脱自如,清雅脱俗,我们能够感受到他对于国画精神的执着追求。

Shanwei,Born at Zao Zhuang City Shandong Province, he is a young painter with many awards and high market potential.In recent years, He has been dedicated to sketching and creation in Chinese Mountains-and-Waters Painting.His works are free and easy,clean and elegant, We can feel his determined pursuit of spirit on Chinese Painting.

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Shan Wei Shan Wei

Shan Wei Shan Wei

Shan Wei Shan Wei

Shan Wei  

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