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Qin Xia's Biography & Awards:

Qin Xia, now is the member of Chinese Artists Association, first-grade painter of China Literary Federation Painting and Calligraphy Art Center, senior painter of Shandong Art Academy. She was born in Shandong in 1960. Apprenticed to Mr. Wang Xiao Gu to study flower& bird painting at an early age. After that she followed Gongbi Master Tian Shi Guang. She was admitted to Chinese brush painting Department, Shandong Academy of Fine Arts in 1983. After graduation, she taught at academy until now. Once she got advice or comment from her elder such as Tian Shi Guang, Huang Jun, Jin Hong Jun, Yu Zhi Zhen and so on. Her artistic features are very clear and distinctive. It is not only vigorous but also conform to the China traditional joyous feeling. Her works were collected by the Great Hall of the People, the Chinese theater, the Shandong Province museum, the former residence of Li Ku Chan, the Qufu City Museum and so on units.


Become famous by virtue of " Ru Meng Ling" in 1986,

Held personal painting exhibition in Shandong Art Gallery,

Won second prize in ” Jin Ying Cup” painting and calligraphy exhibition which was held by China Women's Federation,

Her art book “Xia Zhi Mo Yu” was published in 1994,

On June 1996, her work "Jun Xin Wo Xin" won the silver medal of figures category in " the Korean International Art Exhibitions of 1996". In the same year, she was invited to attend the "China Youth Brush Painting Exhibition". Those Gongbi paintings that took the Li Qing Zhao’s poetry as the theme, "Hai Tang Yi Jiu", "Wu Tong Xi Yu", "Shuang Xi Chun Hao", “Yue Man Xi Lou” won gold medal, and were collected by the President of Air France,

Her work "Jian Ku De Sui Yue" won second prize in the "Ji Nian Kang Zhan” Painting and Calligraphy Competition which held by Shandong province in1997,

Her work "Chun Zou Yi Chi Chun Shui” won gold medal of Gongbi flower&bird category again in Chinese Painter and Calligrapher group Exhibition,

Participated in "Qi Di Cup" the Fifth National Gongbi Painting Exhibition and won honorable mention,

Her biographical notes and works were recorded into " dictionary of contemporary Chinese artist celebrity ”.

Her work often published in "Chinese Brush Painting Research", "the New Fine arts", "Chinese Fine arts Newspaper" and so on publications. "Book reservation" of Taiwan also had Mrs. Qin’s special topic.










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Qin Xia Qin Xia

Qin Xia Qin Xia

Qin Xia Qin Xia

Qin Xia Qin Xia

Qin Xia Qin Xia

Qin Xia Qin Xia

Qin Xia Qin Xia

Qin Xia Qin Xia

Qin Xia Qin Xia

Qin Xia Qin Xia

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