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Qin Bing's Biography & Awards:

Qin Bing, was born in a calligraphy and painting family opf Qin in 1971. He came from Yizhou city of Hechi, Guangxi province and now he is living in Guilin. He has been learning painting since his childhood and now is good at Chinese landscape painting. He had further education in Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, now he is a member of Hechi Artists Association and Qingyi Calligraphy and Painting Institute.

For many years he has been studying many famous artists’ Chinese paintings such as: Wang Xuetao, Qi Baishi, Pan Tianshou, Zhang Daqian and Li Keran etc. He ofter traveled to the many places of interest and sketched from nature. He learned from teachers of the older generation and learned widly from others’ strong points. He took Chinese traditional techniques and western painting’s colors, well combined the ink lump and blot with Chinese traditional landscape technique and built up his unique style.

His countryside series paintings of water towns in South China, paid attention to the expression of vitality and were fresh, elegant, combined with ink-brushed and color spot, with distinctive style. His artworks were shown in many national art exhibitions and collected for many times. His artworks were very popular and collected by many collectors from America, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and highly praised . He is one of the powerful contemporary Chinese young painters.




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