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Pan Xing Peng's Biography & Awards:

Pan Xing Peng, also called Shu Cheng and known as the master of Gulou Garden. He was born in 1972 bin Guangxi province. He graduated from Guangxi Academy of Fine Arts in 1992. His most famous artwotks are: "The rising sun of Huangshan Mountain"、"The Pine Greeting Guests of Huangshan Mountain". Many of his artworks were collected by the collectors from Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore etc.

From 1992, his artworks were published by many national and international magazines or newspapers one after the other. His artworks took part in many national and international Calligraphy and Painting exhibitions for many times.

In 2002, "The Sunrise of Taishan Mountain" won the Exellent Prize in China-Korea Beilin Chinese-Cup Exhibition.
In 2004, took part in the united exhibition held by Guilin Academy of Fine Arts and Hongkong Artistic Association in January. His artwork "The Sunrise of Huangshan Mountain" won the Silver-Prize, and he had published his own ablum.
In 2004, "The guests from far away were fascinated by the moonlight" won the Exellent-Prize in Guilin “Qunxing-prize” Competition of Art, Calligraphy, and Photography.
In 2004, "The singing spring in the Golden Autumn" won the Silver-Prize in the Art and Calligraphy Works exhibition to commemorate Deng Xiaoping’s 100th birthday.
In 2005, "The Golden Autumn among the gorges" won the First Award in the World Peace Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition.
In 2005, "The Sunrise of Huangshan Mountain" won the Innovation Award in River’s Spring-the 5th Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition.
In 2006, "Laoshan Bound" won the Silver Award in the “The great journey-the China Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Long March”.
In 2006, "Spring Warmth Among The People" won the Silver Award in the Community Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition.
In 2007, "The grass and trees know when Spring comes" won the Silver Award in the ASEAN Expo-Chinese Famous Masters’ Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition.
In 2008, "The singing spring near a peacful house" took part in the the 25th anniversary of Guilin-KOMATSU friendly communication –Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, and held Five Chinese Artists Paintings Exhibition with other painter.
In 2009, took part in “Guilin’s landscape appeared in Guangdong”--the first Exhibition of Six Guangxi young and middle-aged Painters with True-power.

Now he is a member of Chinese-Painting Painters Council, Guangxi Artists Association, Guilin Artists Association, as well as a executive director of Guilin Youth Calligraphers and Painters Foundation, China and Foreign countries Art Research Association. He also is a director of the Ministry of Industry in Guilin Chinese-painting Research Association, the president of China Youth Calligraphy and Painting Research Association and the vice president of China National-Minority Council.




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Pan Xing PengPan Xing Peng
Pan Xing PengPan Xing Peng
Pan Xing PengPan Xing Peng
Pan Xing Peng 

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