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Pan Ding Gao's Biography & Awards:

Pan Ding Gao, who is native of Qicheng county of Guangxi province that born in 1964. Now he is State Second-Rate Artist, World Silver Award Artist, Chinese Contemporary Successful Artist, and Artist of Talent Institute of China Ministry of Personnel.


He won world silver award in International Calligraphy and Painting Competition that held by sixteen organizations.

He won national Award of Excellence in “Long Mai Cup” painting and calligraphy exhibition. (Judges come from The Palace Museum of Beijing, National Museum of China and China Aviation Museum)

He ever won the gold award of “San Xia Jie Liu Cup”, the third price of “Chang Bai Shan Cup”, and honorary award of “Bao Sheng Cup”.

His award-winning work of “Xin Xiu Cup” had been collected by Calligraphers and Painters of Baiyin city of Gansu province. Another painting “My Love For My Motherland-China” had been collected appropriately by China Calligraphers and Painters Sodality and China Literary Federation.

His biographical notes and works were recorded into "Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Selection”, "Contemporary Famous Calligraphers and Painters General Collection”, "Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting Collection", "High-quality goods collection of Contemporary Calligraphers and Painters " and so on.






Pan Ding Gao's Pictures:

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