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Ning Xiang's Biography & Awards:

Ning Xiang, 凝香,山东著名工笔画画家。生于书香世家,自幼临摹历代花鸟画大师精品,后进修于中央美术学院国画系,师从金鸿钧、田世光。十余年刻苦钻研,笔耕不辍,主攻工笔花鸟画兼人物,作品构图饱满、色彩细腻、秀雅;作品风格热烈、富丽,极有神韵。


Ning Xiang, a famous painter of fine brushwork in Shandong. Born an intellectual family, she copied the fine works of flower and bird painting masters from her childhood. Then she studied in the Department of Chinese Painting of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and studied under Master Mr. Jin Hongjun and Tian Shiguang.

She studied and researched hard for more than 10 years. She is good at fine brush style of painting Flowers and birds, as well as figures. The composition of her work is full, the color is delicate and elegant. The style of the work is warm, gorgeous and full of verve.

Her works have been published in many newspapers and magazines, and are collected by galleries and collectors at home and abroad. She participated in various art exhibitions and won awards.





Rewards History:

The work "Amiability invites propitiousness” won the Excellent Award in the National fine brushwork Painting Exhibition.

The work "Autumn Rhyme" won the first prize in the 2001 Chinese Peasant Painting Exhibition;

The work "Family Portrait" was nominated for an Asian Chinese Art Exhibition.

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