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Ni Chun Sheng's Biography & Awards:

Ni Chun Sheng, was born in Yingkou of Shangdong Province in 1942. He had been educated by famous artist Wang Xuetao, Professor Guo Xihe and Sun Entong in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. Majored in landscape of Xinjiang, Ni is also versed in bird&flower, especially in depicting goldfish.

Had eyes only for goldfish since 1960s, Ni went deep into how to express it well. He showed every aspect of goldfish: gorgeous, lively, elegant, and lithe. Goldfish was given full expression of its freedom and vitality. His goldfish paintings are widespread, being collected by institutions like Chinese Academy of Thailand, Beijing Oriental Art Gallery, Yuejianglou Museum of Zhaoqing, Chinese Arts and Crafts Meseum of Zhangzhou, Yingkou Museum, ect., and individuals like natives of Chairman Mao.




His goldfish paintings were selected to National Arts and Crafts Exhibition and were awarded for three times.

He received both the First Prize and the Second Prize from 1984 National Good Design Award of Arts and Crafts, for his landscape painting ‘Shan Hui Chuan Mei’ and animal painting ‘Qing Chi Li Ying’. On Nov.19, 1984, he jointed in China-Japan Art Exchange Exhibition which was held by Japan on invitation.

He was given Gold Award of the Exhibition of the Best Artists from 24 Provinces in 1997.

In 2002, he got Silver Awarded of the Exhibition of Members of Beijing Oriental Gallery and Beijing Artists Association. At the same year, he won Bronze Award of “Jia Han Cup” National Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Competition that is held by Chinese Journal of Calligraphy and Painting, and his art works were embodied in ‘The Complete Chinese Fine Arts’ and ‘Anthology of Young and Middle-aged Artists of China’.

On Nov.19, 2003, Ni and artist Xv Biaojia held ‘Landscape Painting of Xin Jiang Exhibition’ in art gallery of Educational College of Urumchi.

Ni held his personal exhibition of gold fish paintings in Yuejianglou Museum of Zhaoqing on Dec.28, 2005.

In October, 2009, Ni jointed in the Exhibition of Artworks of Sun Entong and his students.

On Jan.22, 2010, Ni participated in the Chinese Painting Exhibition of Six Old Friends that was held in Yingkou Museum.

On Feb.3, 2010, Ni held ‘Exhibition of Series of Ni Chen Sheng’s gold fish paintings’ in the Gallery of Ganzhou.











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Ni Chun ShengNi Chun Sheng

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Ni Chun Sheng Ni Chun Sheng

Ni Chun Sheng Ni Chun Sheng

Ni Chun Sheng Ni Chun Sheng

Ni Chun Sheng Ni Chun Sheng

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