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Lv Ming Gang's Biography & Awards:

Lv Ming Gang, alias Fa Chen Long, born in Tonghua of Jilin province. He graduated from Changchun Art Institute. Studied painting from a child, he diligently study bird of prey and beasts for decade, especially good at dragon painting. Due to the nurture of the peculiar folk customs and the natural scenery of northeast China, so his style is more heroic, not to stick to one pattern.

His works mainly are hundred dragon painting, concurrently draw single dragon, twin dragons, nine dragons, group dragons, tiger, eagle, Chung Kuel, etc.

After years of making great efforts, he obtained numerous achievements in painting circle, and repeatedly participated in provincial and civic calligraphy and painting competition and various art exhibitions and won prizes. Once he won the second prize in the first and second session of art exhibition in Tonghua.

Presently he’s the member of Jilin Artists Association and TongHua Calligraphy and Painting Association.





Lv Ming Gang's Pictures:

Lv Ming GangLv Ming Gang

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Lv Ming Gang Lv Ming Gang

Lv Ming Gang Lv Ming Gang

Lv Ming Gang Lv Ming Gang

Lv Ming Gang Lv Ming Gang

Lv Ming Gang  

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