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Lou Xin Yun's Biography & Awards:

Lou Xin Yun, born in Shanghai in 1963. She had a passion for painting since childhood. In 1988, she graduated from Shanghai Oriental Arts and Crafts College, then pursued advanced studies in Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1997. During this period, she systematically studied the theory and techniques of art of painting, and got directions from famous figure painting master Hua San Chuan and other masters of Shanghai genre. That lay a solid foundation for her prospective creation. She is good at figure painting. Beauties are lifelike, exquisite and chic.

Repeatedly she participated in the national, provincial and municipal art exhibition, and published personal paintings collection. The work "Si Lian" had won the honorable mention in "100 Youth Artists of China, Japan and South Korea Works Exhibition" held by Shanghai people's fine arts publishing house.

She held exhibitions time after time at home and abroad when she follow the China Gongbi Painting Research Institute to visit. In 2001, she won the "world art exchange outstanding contribution" in overseas Chinese Art Exhibition that held in Singapore. Her works were well received and mainly collected by overseas Chinese.

Now she’s the member of Chinese Artists Association, Shanghai Artists Association and China Gongbi Painting Research Institute.




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Lou Xin Yun Lou Xin Yun

Lou Xin Yun Lou Xin Yun

Lou Xin Yun Lou Xin Yun

Lou Xin Yun Lou Xin Yun

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