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Liu Zhong Wei's Biography & Awards:

Liu Zhong Wei, 刘宗伟,职业画家。1975年生于广西桂林,毕业于桂林市师范高等教育学院。在校期间,受教于中国百杰著名画家陶政德教授。其作品自然朴实,厚重,气韵生动,个性鲜明。

Liu Zhongwei is a professional Painter. He is born in 1975 at Guilin City Guangxi Province,graduated from The High Education Academy of Guilin Normal College.During academic years,He was educated from the Professor Tao Zhengde who is one of China 100 standout and famous painter .His works are characterized by natural simplicity,sincere,Vivid charm and distinct personality.

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Liu Zhong Wei Liu Zhong Wei

Liu Zhong Wei Liu Zhong Wei

Liu Zhong Wei Liu Zhong Wei

Liu Zhong Wei  

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