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Liu Yi Min's Biography & Awards:

Liu Yi Min, from Beijing, born in 1949, is a painter of the Chinese Art Research Academy and a member of Chinese Art Association, also a painter of sino-foreign literal art. He enjoys drawing since his childhood, and has his art works published while still a student. When in his youth age studying in Hubei Art College, he learnt from some noted painters like Tang Wenxuan, Chen Liyan. By researching Xun Wei’s, Ba Chanren’s, Wu Changshuo’s works continuingly, Mr. Liu attained a sturdy skill on drawing figures and landscapes. Now, his pure and simple manner coordinates his paintings with ink and colors on the rice papers, thereby, to express his interests and mood.

刘一民(1949- 男),北京市人,现任中国艺术研究院画师,中国美协会员,中国中外文艺学术书画师,自幼酷爱绘画,学生时候就有美术作品发表,青年时代时修于湖北美院,深得著名画家汤文选、陈立言先生指教,长期研究徐渭、八灿人、吴昌硕,有较扎实的功底,擅长人物山水。画风纯朴,在宣纸上熔水墨与色彩为一体,以表现巧妙情趣。

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Liu Yi Min Liu Yi Min

Liu Yi Min Liu Yi Min

Liu Yi Min Liu Yi Min

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