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Liu Yan Ping's Biography & Awards:

Liu Yan Ping, alias Yi Fu, Yi Nong, or Qing Yi San Ren, born in Nanpi county of Cangzhou in 1973. Excel in Gongbi painting. Now he is painter of Shengshixuan Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute of Beijing, signatory painter of Calligraphy and Painting Gallery of Ministry of Science and Technology of China, director of China Calligraphers and Painters Association, president of Qingfeng Calligraphy and Painting Gallery of Hebei.

Loved painting from his boyhood upwards, he has studied painting assiduously over twenty years. He ever paid respect to masters Qi Dapeng, Wang Shuhang, Mi Chunmao, and Tian Yunpeng and seek for knowledge. Through unremitting efforts, he brought forth new ideas in traditional Gongbi flower-and-bird painting, and created a series of peculiar Gongbi flower-and-bird paintings with various blue, red, golden background color.

And his fish set works are especially popular with collectors, lovers of calligraphy and painting, business executives, leaders from various regions.




In 2004, he won the first price in calligraphy and painting exhibition for commemorating the 100th Anniversary of comrate Dengxiaoping’s birthday that held by China Calligraphers and Painters Association. And on October,5, 2004, he participated in the prize-awarding ceremony that held in Yantai city.

He won honorable mention of flower-and-bird painting of young and middle-aged painters group in the second national calligraphy and painting art branch exhibition.

In 2010, China calligraphy and painting association published his personal wall calendar of 2011, and he was selected in 2011 twelve recommendable famous painters of China.

And his works were included in “treasured book of Chinese calligraphy and painting” and “anthology of famous calligraphers and painters of China”.





Liu Yan Ping's Pictures:

Liu Yan PingLiu Yan Ping
Liu Yan PingLiu Yan Ping

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