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Liu Xiang's Biography & Awards:

Liu Xiang, 刘湘,1971年生,湖北黄石人,实力派画家。现为湖北省美术协会会员。自幼受父辈影响,对绘画产生了浓厚的兴趣,入伍后,从事电影放映宣传工作。常以油画、宣传画、幻灯片形式创作部队生活,为绘画打下了良好的基础。


Liu Xiang, born in 1971, a native of Huangshi city, Hubei Province, is a skilled painter. Currently he is a member of Hubei Art Association.

Influenced by his father since childhood, he developed a strong interest in painting, he worked in film projection and publicity after joining the army. He often created army life in the form of oil paintings, poster paintings and slides, which built a good foundation for his painting skill.

In 1995, he studied Chinese painting by joining Shandong Correspondence College of Painting and Calligraphy,under the teaching by the artist Liu Liangjing who is renowned for landscape paintings.He majored in landscape and also studied birds and figures.

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