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Liu Lin's Biography & Awards:

Liu Lin, 刘林,女,1974年生人,毕业于河南大学美术专业。师从于国家一级花鸟美术大师冯雪,在老师的教诲和指导下,不仅继承了其师的风格,在此基础之上形成了自己独特的画风。尤擅牡丹,孔雀,其画作画面清新,墨色灵活,构图和谐,被称为“中国写意大家”,其作品不仅具有很高的观赏价值,也具有很高的收藏价值,升值潜力巨大。



Liu Lin, female, born in 1974, graduated from Henan University, majoring in Fine Arts. Under the guidance of her teacher, she not only inherited her teacher's style, but also formed her own unique painting style on the basis. She is especially good at painting peony and peacock. Her paintings are fresh, flexible in ink and harmonious in composition, which is known as "Chinese Freehand Master".

She is now a full-time teacher of art school, academician of Kaifeng Luo Cheng Painting and Calligraphy Academy, and Deputy Secretary General of Kaifeng Mingcheng Painting and Calligraphy Academy.

His representative works include: "Glorious Flowers in Spring and Solid Fruits in Autumn ", "Celestial Beauty", "Pure and Noble", "Blooming Flowers", "Water Lotus", "Wealth and prosperity".

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Liu Lin Liu Lin

Liu Lin Liu Lin

Liu Lin Liu Lin

Liu Lin Liu Lin

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