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Liu Kui's Biography & Awards:

Liu Kui, original named Liu Kong Kui, famous painter born in Shandong. Now is a painter in Qilu Painting and Calligraphy Institute, member of Chinese calligraphy Culture Promotion Association, researcher of Qilu Classical Chinese Painting Institute, and painter in Shandong Lanzu Chinese Painting Studio. He made some innovations based on the traditional skills; his works are fresh and bright. His works had won many prizes on the exhibitions and had been published on many papers and magazines. Part of his works had been collected by studio, gallery and many collectors.

刘奎,原名刘孔奎,山东著名国画家,现为齐鲁书画研究院画家,中国翰墨文化促进会会员,齐鲁古文书画研究所研究员,山东兰竹画院画家。 他的国画作品清新艳丽,在传统上有所创新,别具一格,其国画作品多次在省市书画展中获奖,并有多家报刊媒体对其绘画作品做过专题介绍。其中有部分被各地画院,画廊,宾馆及书画收藏家收藏。

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