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Lin Yan Qing's Biography & Awards:

Lin Yan Qing, Lin Yan Qing,was born in 1974 in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province. He graduated from Sichuang Academy of Fine Arts. He is a professional calligrapher and painter and focusing on the calligraphy, landscape painting, birds&flowers painting, figure painting and Gongbi painting. He is an all-around artist.

His artworks have distinct ideas and strong traditional skills. He learned the advantages of other artists and built a graceful artistic conception with classical beauty. He took part in many national exhibitions and awarded a lot. His artworks were very popular in Hongkong, Taiwan and Singapore.

Now he is a member of China Artists Association, China Calligraphers and Painters Association and Shandong Chinese Painting Research Institute.




2008 纽约艺术空间(北京)个展



In 2002, the Sixth National Annual Exhibition of Printmaking at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts (in Nanjing)
In 2003, Sichuan Outstanding Graduation Creation Exhibition (in Chongqing Art Museum)
In 2005, Solo Exhibition (in Hong Kong World Gallery)
In 2006, Group Exhibition (Hong Kong World Gallery) (Red T Space, Beijing, China) (Millennium Time Gallery)
In 2007, Group Exhibition of 798 Art Festival
In 2007, Art Beijing (Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center)
In 2008, Solo Exhibition at New York Art Space (in Beijing)

The Sixth National Annual Prize of the Higher Institute of Fine Arts for Printmaking (in Nanjing, 2002)
Outstanding Graduation Creation Award of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts (2003)
Second Prize of Sichuan Fine Arts Academy Students' Annual Exhibition (2002)

In 2007, Calligraphy Newspaper
In 2008, Calligraphy and Art Journal
In 2010, Published in the Journal of Contemporary Art

Lin Yan Qing's Pictures:

Lin Yan QingLin Yan Qing
Lin Yan QingLin Yan Qing
Lin Yan QingLin Yan Qing
Lin Yan QingLin Yan Qing
Lin Yan Qing 

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Lin Yan Qing Lin Yan Qing

Lin Yan Qing Lin Yan Qing

Lin Yan Qing Lin Yan Qing

Lin Yan Qing Lin Yan Qing

Lin Yan Qing Lin Yan Qing

Lin Yan Qing Lin Yan Qing

Lin Yan Qing Lin Yan Qing

Lin Yan Qing Lin Yan Qing

Lin Yan Qing Lin Yan Qing

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