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Liang Cheng Yong's Biography & Awards:

Liang Cheng Yong, alias Nan Man, born in Zhongshan of Guangxi in 1964. he graduated from art education department of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts.

Skilled in splashed color freehand landscape painting, detailed fllowers&birds painting, animal painting and figure painting. For years, he invented a new way that mix techniques of splashed color freehand painting and detailed painting together. His works are delicate, lifelike, distinctive and suit both refined and popular tastes. Personages of all circles are keen on his paintings. Many works were collected by famous art institution at home and abroad.

His artworks and carving works won the first and second award in Guangzhou and Guangxi barracks, then published in "Soldiers Newspaper of Guangzhou Barracks" and "Beijing Daily".

In successive years, he won the first, second and third prizes in municipal and regional barracks’ artworks exhibition.

In 1989, his work was selected in China Art Exhibition of Hong Kong and published in local newspaper.

In 1990, his biography and master works were written into "List of Celebrities of Chinese Artists".

Currently he is the member of Chinese Aartists Association Guangxi branch, the routine director of Hezhou Artists Association, national three-level artist and professional painter of Guangxi Minorities Academy.








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Liang Cheng Yong 

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