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Li Zong Jun's Biography & Awards:

Li Zong Jun, 李宗峻,1962年生,桂林人,职业画家,现为桂林美术协会会员,桂林山水研究会理事。

擅长山水,风格独特,笔法细腻、厚重 。作品雅俗共赏,意境深遂,画风甜美给人以身临其境的感觉,富有生活气息。画家勤于思考、学习古法,极力将地域民俗文化融入到画面当中,是当今画坛具有创作实力和水平的画家之一。

Li Zong Jun, born in 1962. From Guilin, He is a professional painter. Currently he is a member of the Guilin Fine Arts Association and director of the Guilin Landscape Research Association.

He is good at landscape painting, his works with unique style, delicate and strokes. The works are elegant and popular with deep artistic conception. The pictures is sweet and full of life. The painter is diligent in thinking and learning ancient methods, and tries to integrate regional folk culture into the picture. He is one of the creative and professional painters.

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