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Li Yu Ying's Biography & Awards:

Li Yu Ying, born in 1971. She graduated from Central Academy of Craft Art. Now work as guest lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts in Henan University, and Vice President of Yudong New Chinese Realistic Painting Research Institute.

Studied painting for many years, the Five Dynasties painter Huang Quan, the Chinese realistic painting masters Chen Zhi Fo, Yu Zhi Zhen, Wan Yi and so on were all her teachers. whilst she threw herself into the nature, observed all kind of plants and animals carefully, even traveled thousands of miles to the south of Yangtze River to draw from nature. In the process of assiduous practicing, she gradually formed her own style. The overall impression of Yu Ying’s realistic flower-and-bird painting was described as comely and elegant, sweet and unaffected, brilliant but not vulgar, light but not spiritless. Moreover, the concise lines, lifelike shaping and elegant tinting have lingering charm, give people a beautiful enjoyment. So her paintings were treasured by people, popular with numerous collectors.

Her works participated in various national exhibition and won prizes, also collected by many museums and the domestic and foreign friends.




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