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Li Si Gui's Biography & Awards:

Li Si Gui, was born in 1983 in Linchuang city of Guilin. He is a new and professional calligrapher and painter. Though he is young, he has got big fame in calligraphy and painting field. He loves calligraphy very much since his childhood. He is talented and good at landscape painting, especially accomplished in calligraphy. His skills on birds&flowers painting are also good.

His studio was named “Wu Zhi Tang”. His calligraphy has the majestic atmosphere and is into painting skills, showing harmonious characters and vivid artistic conception. He added spirituality into the Chinese characters and made them more interesting. He developed his own unique style which is bold, vigorous and free of traditional skills. He was regarded as the pioneer of the contemporary Chinese calligraphy and laid his position in Chinese calligraphy field.

Early years he held his calligraphy exhibitions successfully in some districts and countries in Southeast Asia such as Japan and Singapore and had many fans. In 2005, he was invited to Hongkong and Taiwan to hold his own exhibitions and got great success. His biography and artworks were edited into more than ten directories such as "Chinese Calligraphers Directory", "Shenzhou Artworks Selection", "The Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy Works" and "The Contemporary Chinese Famous Calligraphers Works" etc.

In the recent years, once his artworks have been on show, many appreciators were competing to collect them and form the collection upsurge. His artworks have high art appreciation value and collection value. His creative spirit was affirmed and supported by many elder artists.

Now he is :
A member of the Contemporary Chinese Calligraphers and Painters Association
A committee member of Art Department of China Talent Research Institute
The vice-president of Dongfang Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute
A member of China Calligraphers and Painters Association
A director of China Shenzhou Painting Institute
The vice secretary general of Guangxi Yayuan Calligraphy and Painting Institute
A member of Guilin Youth Calligraphers and Painters Association






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Li Si Gui 

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Li Si Gui Li Si Gui

Li Si Gui Li Si Gui

Li Si Gui Li Si Gui

Li Si Gui Li Si Gui

Li Si Gui Li Si Gui

Li Si Gui Li Si Gui

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