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Li Ming Xin's Biography & Awards:

Li Ming Xin, 李明欣,1965出生,广西临桂人。专长书画,主攻书法。

Li Ming Xin, born in Lingui, Guangxi in 1965. He majored in calligraphy and painting, focusing on calligraphy.




Rewards History:

In April 1998, he participated in the exhibition of calligraphy and seal engraving "Peach Blossom Cup" held in Chang De, Hunan province, and his calligraphy works were compiled into the collection.

In October 1998, he participated in the 20th Century-Chinese Nation Painting and Calligraphy Long-roll Event which was organized by the Organization Department of the Chinese Cultural Federation, the Chinese Culture and Art City of the Ministry of Culture and other units. His works were exhibited in the Chinese Art Museum in Beijing and semi-cursive and regular script calligraphies were selected into the "Hundred Years Classics-series Works of Chinese Calligraphy".

In November 1998, the work small seal script of "Thousand-Character Classic" was awarded the honorary title of "Famous Artists of the World" by Shanghai National Painting Academy and Shanghai Pujiang National Painting Academy, and won the Silver Medal of the Art Cup. At the same time compiled into the "Celebrity Art Ceremony" portfolio.

Li Ming Xin's Pictures:

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Li Ming Xin Li Ming Xin

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Li Ming Xin Li Ming Xin

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Li Ming Xin Li Ming Xin

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