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Li Ming De's Biography & Awards:

Li Ming De, famous calligrapher and painter in Jilin. He has engaged in panting and calligraphy for many years. For half a century, he learnt diligently from ancient and modern and north and south. Thus, he benefits a lot from it. We can say that he is always studying or imitating from the nature.

Mr. Li Ming De excels in Xieyi Chinese painting and calligraphy and is proficient in different schools calligraphy as well. He combined their style with his quite well so that forming a style of his own. His calligraphy is beautiful, wild and free. In his cursive handwriting, we can feel that it has a style of famous ancient calligrapher Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi. He is a rare all-rounder.

Mr. Li Ming De's Xieyi flower-and-bird paintings belong to elegant and refined schools which combining composition and ink quite well. His peony is the highlight of his painting. The flowers' graceful gesture, fresh and elegant colors are called the number one.

Now he is a member and the director of Chinese Calligrapher and Painter Association. He won the golden prize in national-level, provincial-level and city-level painting and calligraphy competition for many times.








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Li Ming DeLi Ming De

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