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Li Jin Mu's Biography & Awards:

Li Jin Mu, 李锦沐,1950年10月出生于河南省舞阳县。现为中国华夏国际书法院院士、中日名家书画协会会员、中日韩新书画家联盟会员。



Li Jin Mu was born in Wuyang County, Henan Province in October 1950. Currently, he is an academician of the China Huaxia International Calligraphy Academy, a member of the China-Japan Famous Painting and Calligraphy Association and the China-Japan-Korea New Calligraphy and Painting Alliance.

Mr. Li Jin Mu love calligraphy since childhood, and copied the model calligraphy of Yan, Liu, Ou, Zhao etc. Later, he advocated the celebrated calligrapher like Er Wang, Huai Su, Zhang Xu etc, and focused on Running Script & Cursive Script, then became famous in local area when he was young. In the 1990s, Li Jin Mu's vigorous and energetic calligraphy art was already well-known in Xuchang & Luohe in Henan and other places.

Appreciating Mr. Li Jin Mu's works, the momentum is magnificent without losing the fineness and thickness, relaxing and retracting, lightly and slowly, smooth and steady;
His works not only have the charm of the ancient celebrated, but also have their own unique features, which can be rated as excellent and popular.


In July 1997, the first prize of "Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Li Ke Ran's Calligraphy and Painting Competition" at Beijing;

In September 1999, Gold Award of the "World Celebrity Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" held in Nanjing;

In May 2008, Silver Award of "Welcome to the Olympics Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" held in Beijing, his work was collected by the organizer;

In September 2009, Silver Award of the "International Confucius Cultural Festival, International Calligraphy and Painting Masters Friendship Exhibition".

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Li Jin Mu Li Jin Mu

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