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Li Han's Biography & Awards:

Li Han, 李涵,男,1976年生于河北,中国职业书画家,一级美术师,现为河北省美协会员,北京长城书画家协会会员,北京国画艺术家协会山水创研室副主任,中国艺术家联合总会展览部主任。


Li Han, was born in He Bei province in 1976. He is a Chinese professional calligrapher & painter, first-class artist, currently as a member of the Hebei Province Artists Association, a member of the Beijing Great Wall Calligraphers and Painters Association, deputy director of the Beijing Scenic Painting and Artists Association Landscape Research Institute, and director of the exhibition department of the China Artists Federation.

The Chinese painting "Spring on Earth" was selected into the Dalu Art Exhibition hosted by the China Artists Association and exhibited at the China Art Museum. A number of works have been published and commented in art publications such as "Chinese Painting Forum", "Zhongyuan Ink Painting", "Chinese Classic Painting ", and "Hua Xia Fine Art". A large number of works are collected by domestic and foreign friends, collectors, calligraphy and painting lovers.



Rewards History:

In 2005, he participated in the second painter creation class in Hebei Province and won a creative award;

From 2006 to 2008, he held a number of solo and group exhibitions in Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore, all of which have received good reviews, which has attracted the attention of art circles and collectors at home and abroad.
He is known as one of the most potential young painters in China today;

In 2009, the landscape artwork "Soul of China" won the second prize when in the "Love the Motherland and Love Beijing Art Competition".

2012, he participated in "Nominated Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink and Spirit Charm", and held a special lecture on "Learning and Creation of Chinese Landscape Painting";

In 2015, the work "Autumn Colors of Taihang Mountains" was selected into "Peace Home" National Chinese Painting Exhibition hosted by the Provincial Art Association

In 2016, the work "New Green of Taihang Mountains” won the Provincial Chinese Painting Biennale.

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