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Kong Qing Yi's Biography & Awards:

Kong Qing Yi, 孔庆义,男,义宝斋主人,字墨人,号阳夏居士。1947年生,太康县人,祖籍山东曲阜,孙子第七十三世孙。现为山东省书画家协会理事,山东省老年书画家协会副主席。 他的作品多次参加全国大赛,并获得金奖。其人也被多家电视台知名栏目所报道,其作品流传到美国、日本、港澳台等国家和地区,被国际友人收藏。

Kong Qing Yi, male, owner of Yi Bao Zhai Painting and Calligraphy Shop, with a character of Mo Ren, claimed himself Yang Xia Jushi. Born in 1947 in Taikang County, with ancestral home of Qufu, Shandong Province, he is the 73rd grandson of Confucius.

He is now a director of Shandong Calligraphers and Painters Association and vice Chairman of Shandong Senior Calligraphers and Painters Association.

His works have been selected into many national competitions and won gold awards. As a famous painter, he has been reported by many well-known TV shows. Many of his works have been introduced to other countries and regions, like USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, etc, and collected by international friends.


His works and biographies have been compiled into the "The Works of Contemporary Painters and Calligraphers" and the "Dictionary of China Contemporary Painters and Calligraphers".

In 2005, his book "The Soul of China" was permanently collected by The Palace Museum in Beijing (inside the Forbidden City).

In 2008, his work "The Eight Immortals Wishing Longevity" was permanently collected by the the well-known column Liyuanchun in Henan Province.

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Kong Qing Yi Kong Qing Yi

Kong Qing Yi Kong Qing Yi

Kong Qing Yi Kong Qing Yi

Kong Qing Yi Kong Qing Yi

Kong Qing Yi Kong Qing Yi

Kong Qing Yi Kong Qing Yi

Kong Qing Yi  

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