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Jin Ao Shan Ren's Biography & Awards:

Jin Ao Shan Ren, alias Cao Hai, Diaozhe, Diaozhe Lao Cao or Master of Study Fengya, that was born in ancient town Zhangan in 1981. He is a member of Creative Centre of Chinese Artists and researcher of Wu Daozi Art Gallery.

Studied Chinese painting on his own since childhood, Cao copied vast paintings that were drawn by masters Shi Tao, Ren Bainian, Qin Baishi, Zhang Daqian and Liu Haisu. He is also interesting in seal cutting and is self-taught. Good at landscape and bird&flower painting, Cao is especially skilled in drawing shrimp which is given vitality by pithy strokes.



His painting ‘shrimp’ was given honorable mention of Beijing Contemporary Literati' Exhibition of Painting and Calligraphy that was held on June, 2004, while it was embodied in ‘A collection of Contemporary Famous Literati' Art Works’ and was collected by the committee.

His paintings ‘Peony’ and ‘Two Shrimps’ won second prize of the charitable donation of national art circles that held by World Chinese Artists Association in 2008.

Two art works that are in the form of a fan ‘Golden Wine Vessel’ and ‘Before Thunderstorm’ won silver award of National Competition of Calligraphy and Painting for celebrating 10th Anniversary of Foundation of Wu Daozi Art Gallery, while they were embodied in ‘A collection of Masterpieces of Contemporary Famous Calligraphers and Painters’ and was collected by the gallery. Meanwhile, Cao was titled ‘Artists Contributed to the Inheritance of Chinese painting and Calligraphy’.

In April, 2004, Cao participated in charity sales of artworks for succouring earthquake disaster area--Yushu of Qinghai province.





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