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Jia Rong's Biography & Awards:

Jia Rong, 甲荣,男,生于1972年,广西桂林人。自幼酷爱绘画,并自学多年,后进修广州美术学院。多年来孜孜以求,潜心研习中国画,他以花鸟为主,山水人物,动物为辅,笔墨,色调清新古朴至绚丽多彩,题材表现广泛,运用风格多样并恰到好处,其作品高古脱俗,令人赏心悦目,受到社会广大阶层的喜爱。

Jia Rong, male, was born in Guilin, Guangxi in 1972. He loved painting from childhood. After self-taught many years, then he engaged in advanced studies at The Guangzhou Academy Fine Arts.

He has been studying and reaching Chinese traditional paintings over the years. He major in painting Flowers, birds, landscape and figures, as well as animals. With fresh brush, colorful ink, various and widely themes, and diverse styles, his works are elegant, simple and popular, and loved by others.

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