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Huang Zhi Jun's Biography & Awards:

Huang Zhi Jun, is an ink landscape painter in China. She was born in Jongxian in Guangxi province, and grown up in Nanning, then lived in Guilin. She studied in the training course of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and learnt from famous master Zhu Junshan first then learnt from famous Guilin’s landscape painter Ye Lvmei and majored in landscape. In the previous period, she copied the excellent paintings of the past in order to find out the essence of the Chinese Panting and lay a good traditional Chinese Painting foundation. In the later period, she often sketched from nature and brought Gongbi together with Xieyi to achieve simple,elegant and gentle style. She has been working hard on the creating and studying.

Her artworks and biography were edited into "92 The Contemporary Artists Yearbook", "The Contemporary World Artists Directory", "The Contemporary World Calligraphy and Painting Works". She was awarded to be one of “Four-hundreds of Famous Landscape Artists of China”, and awarded to be “Excellent People’s Artists”. She held her own art exhibition in many areas such as Yantai,Weihai, Dalian, and Gansu,etc. Her landscape paintings fascinated many people from different cities.

In 1994, "The emissary of Spring" was selected into Chinese Painting New Works Invitation Exhibition.
In 1994, "The Autumn Scenery of river" was selected into the 1st International Calligraphers and Painters Giftware Invitation Exhibition held by Nei Monggol Calligraphy and Painting Development Association.
In 1997, "Waterfall Viewing" was selected into the 15th anniversary of Sino-Japanese friendly communication Exhibition.
In 1997, "The Fine Scenery of Lijiang River" took part in “97 The Return of Hongkong Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition and won “Excellent –Prize” in Gongbi Painting Group.
In 1998, "It’s Autumn in South China" was selected into “Guangxi Female’s Calligraphy and Painting Works Exhibition to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region”.
In 1999, "The gentle rain in Spring" was collected by Guilin Museum.
In 2000, "The Terraced Fields of Longji" was selected into The 3rd Guangxi Female Artists’ Works Exhibition.
In 2001, "The Lingering-charm of the setting sun in Banna" won the first prize in the 2nd Chinese Art Exposition in Yantai.
In 2002, "The Beautiful Autumn Scenery" was selected into Guilin Chinese ang Foreign Artistic Research Association, as well as the World’s Peace Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition held by Korea United Beilin Association.
In 2003, "The taste of drawing" was selected into the 29th Japan International Paintings Exhibition and shown in the Tokyo Art Gallery, and she was invited to visit Japan for communication.



1997年《观瀑图》入选中日友好交流十五周年纪念联展 ;


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Huang Zhi JunHuang Zhi Jun

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Huang Zhi Jun Huang Zhi Jun

Huang Zhi Jun Huang Zhi Jun

Huang Zhi Jun Huang Zhi Jun

Huang Zhi Jun Huang Zhi Jun

Huang Zhi Jun Huang Zhi Jun

Huang Zhi Jun Huang Zhi Jun

Huang Zhi Jun Huang Zhi Jun

Huang Zhi Jun  

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