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Huang Yun Fei's Biography & Awards:

Huang Yun Fei, 黄云飞,男,1971年生于广西桂林,职业画家。自幼习画,遍访名师,主攻走兽,擅画虎,作品注重传统笔墨韵味,力求个性,又能将新技法融汇其中,颇有新气息。

Huang Yun Fei, male, was born in Guilin, Guangxi in 1971. He is a professional painter. He studied painting from childhood and learned from other masters. He major in animals painting, good at painting tiger. His works focus on traditional ink-brush and integrate new techniques.

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Huang Yun Fei Huang Yun Fei

Huang Yun Fei Huang Yun Fei

Huang Yun Fei Huang Yun Fei

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