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Huang Song Ming's Biography & Awards:

Huang Song Ming, 黄松铭,毕业于山东艺专美术系,长期从事书法创作和艺术教育。山东省书法家协会评审委员会委员,临沂市书法家协会理事,苍山县书法协会副主席,南潮北风书画院副理事长兼苍山分院副院长。


Huang Song Ming, graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Shandong Art College. He has been engaged in calligraphy creation and art education for long time. He is a Member of the Judging Committee of Shandong Calligraphers Association, Director of Linyi Calligraphers Association, Vice Chairman of Cangshan County Calligraphy Association, Deputy Chairman of Nanchao Beifeng Painting and Calligraphy Institute, and Vice Dean of Cangshan Branch.

Participated and won gold prize many times in the national calligraphy contest. A number of books have been selected for domestic and foreign touring exhibitions, and have been collected by many cultural researching units and museums.

Some works have been published on "Linyi Daily", "Hard Pen Calligraphy", "Shandong Painting and Calligraphy" and other newspapers and selected in "Linyi Collection of Elderly Calligraphy and Painting Works", "Shandong International Literary and Art Expo", "Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Works" Comprehensive Books of Chinese Calligraphy Artists, Paintings and Calligraphy of Chinese Famous Artists, Famous Chinese Calligraphers and Painters of the Twentieth Century, Selected Collections of Contemporary Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, and Representative Books of Chinese Contemporary Calligraphers and Paintings.

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Huang Song Ming Huang Song Ming

Huang Song Ming Huang Song Ming

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