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Huang Shan Chuan's Biography & Awards:

Huang Shan Chuan, 黄山川,江苏人。毕业于北京艺术学院。擅长写意花鸟画,其花鸟画作品笔法简洁、风格清新雋永,疏淡悠远而有诗意,具有很高的艺术表现力和感染力,观其画,如读一首韵味无穷的小令,让人心旷神怡。

Huang Shan Chuan is a native of Jiangsu Province. Graduated from Beijing Academy of Fine Arts, he is good at freehand flower and bird painting, his flower and bird paintings
are simple, fresh and poetic in style, with high artistic expressiveness and infectiousness. Looking at the painting is like reading a rhyming poem, let a person relaxed and happy.




His works have been exhibited in the First and Second National Flower and Bird Painting Exhibition of China Artists Association, Chinese Style National Painting
Exhibition, and many other important awards, and he was invited to participate in the International Ink Painting Exhibition in Canada. Many art media have devoted
columns to him and his work.

Among them, "You lan tu" was collected by the Great Hall of the People on January 8, 2004;

"Ling xiao tu" was selected for the 5th Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting Invitational Exhibition;

"Qing Xia Tu" was awarded the bronze medal in the National Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Mao Zedong's inscription to
Comrade Lei Feng;

"Gu xue tu" was awarded the silver medal in the 4th Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Masters Exhibition;

"Xu Xin Ao Gu" was nominated for the 2003 Annual Exhibition of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy;

"Shuang qing" was nominated for the 2003 Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Annual Exhibition, and was selected for the First "Peony Cup" Contemporary Painting and
Calligraphy Exhibition.

A large number of his works have been published in many national newspapers and magazines and in large picture books. Many of his works have been collected by
collectors in Singapore, Japan, America, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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