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Huang Bin's Biography & Awards:

Huang Bin, born in Guilin of Guangxi province in 1975. He was fond of painting and calligraphy since childhood and graduated from Changchun Art&Crafts College in 1997. After graduation he spent more than ten years to study Chinese painting in Beijing. During that time, he devoted himself to learn freehand flowers&birds paintings, and diligent in practicing. Freehand fruits&vegetables paintings are his especially skilled area. Such as grape, persimmon, pomegranate, litchi, gourd, loquat, peach, towel gourd, pumpkin, wisteria, apple, ect.

The clever use of “realistic” and “freehand” in one painting is one major feature of the Huang Bin’s artworks. He does not constrained to the traditional ways and strive to effectuate his way called “inner reflect to nature”. In terms of different themes and structure of picture, choosing realistic or freehand way, inked or colored, and combining comprehensive skills and his own style to create one after another wonderful artworks.

Huang Bin’s painting is colorful, elegant and vivid. His sweet style, novel and natural composition, skillful techniques were enjoyed by the majority of artwork fans and ordinary people. A lot of his artworks were collected by foreign friends come from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Canada ect.

黄斌,1975年出生于广西桂林, 自幼喜好书画艺术,1997年毕业于长春工艺美术学校, 毕业后在北京研习国画十余载。十余年间勤学笔耕,潜心研学写意花鸟,尤其擅长写意蔬果类,如:葡萄,柿子,石榴,荔枝,葫芦,枇杷,寿桃,丝瓜,南瓜,紫藤,苹果……等。



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