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Hu Zeng Ning's Biography & Awards:

Hu Zeng Ning, was born in Ninghua of Fujian Province. Now he lives in Xiamen.

Was hailed as a gifted child when Hu was young. Afterwards, he was taught by the master Wang Zhongnian and other artists. Hu is favourable to tradition and comprehensive techniques, focusing on using the 'story-telling' approach to capture the unseen.



Hu was given Bronze prize in 2003.

In 2004, his artworks were exhibited in the art exposition of Fujian Province.

In 2007, part of his painting were embodied in the book ‘Selection of Chinese Contemporary Artworks eulogizing homeland’.

In 2009, Hu won second prize of ‘Pingan Competition of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy’, and held personal art show in Xiamen. At the same year, he was awarded again and again in two exhibitions held for celebrating the 60th Anniverary of the Birth of the Replubic of China, and was employed as one of the first superior artists of Xingzhong International Fine Arts Company, working as the president of it.








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