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Hu Xu Xian's Biography & Awards:

Hu Xu Xian, 胡许先,贵州遵义人,毕业于广西师范大学艺术系,现为中国画家协会会员,中国桂林书画研创联盟常务副院长,广西阳朔美术家协会会员。



Hu Xu Xian, from Zunyi, Guizhou province, graduated from the Art Department of Guangxi Normal University. currently, he is a member of the Chinese Painters Association, an executive vice president of the Guilin Painting and Calligraphy Research and Development Alliance, and a member of the Yangshuo Artists Association of Guangxi.

He loved painting since childhood. He is good at learning from nature, and using colorful inks to show moving images of nature. In his works, you could find his high respect and deeply love for nature.

His works have been exhibited and won many awards at home and abroad, and have been compiled into various books and magazines, as well. His outstanding works have been collected by well-known persons at home and abroad, corporate units, and cultural units.
Some works have been published, including "Hu Xuxian Painting Collection", "Chinese Painting Collection".


《秋江烟云图》 在2014年“相约香江”第十届中国书画交流展中获优秀奖并入编画集;
《龙泉河飞瀑图》《茶岩群峰图》在2015年阳朔县政府主办的 “走进金宝乡”写生创作比赛中获奖,并被阳朔政府收藏并展出。

Reward History:

His work “Mountains Covered Red autumn leaves “exhibited in the United States and was collected by relevant organizations.

The work "Clouds over the Qiujiang River in Autumn" won the outstanding prize in the 10th Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exchange Exhibition of "Meeting Xiangjiang" in 2014 and was incorporated into the compilation collection.

The work “ Longquan River Waterfall", and “Chayan Peaks” were awarded in the 2015 "Walking into Jinbao Township" sketch creation competition hosted by the Yangshuo County Government in 2015, and were collected and exhibited by the Government of Yangshuo county.

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