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Han Mei's Biography & Awards:

Han Mei, 韩梅,1966年出生于山东济南,毕业于山东美术学院,之后在中央美院进修。现为山东美协会员。


多幅作品发表于《齐鲁晚报》、《中国书画报》 、《美术报》、 《中国画家》、《画坛》等报纸刊物,并多次入展国家级大型书画展览。

Han Mei,born in Jinan, Shandong province in 1966. She graduated from the Shandong Academy of Fine Arts and later studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She is now a member of the Shandong Fine Arts Association.

Han Mei is good at the artistic creation of flower-and-bird paintings. Under the guidance of Mr. Huang Yongyu, a master of fine arts, she has carried out various artistic explorations, revealing the richness of the flower-and-bird world with every brush and ink.

Many of her works have been published in Qilu Evening News, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Newspaper, Art Newspaper, Chinese Painter, Painting World and other newspapers and publications, and have been exhibited in many large-scale national painting and calligraphy exhibitions.

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