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Fu Yun's Biography & Awards:

Fu Yun, native of Chengdu of Sichuan Province, first-grade artist. Now she is a full-time painter of Zhongyi Qingyun Academy of Calligraphy and Painting of China's Ministry Of Culture, majoring in Gongbi painting, especially good at figures painting.

Studied Buddhist art since young age, she has engaged in painting over ten years with great diligence so that acquired a solid foundation of traditional skills. Being inspired by masters of Chinese painting like Dai Dunbang, Hua Shanchuan, Wang Shuhui, she is skillful in portraying Buddha and beautiful ladies. Most of her paintings is related to auspiciousness and aestheticism. Either her dignified and graphic painting of Buddha or her unworldly and artistic painting of classical beautiful ladies is well-received by the Art Circle insiders.

Her works repeatedly participated in the national fine arts exhibitions and won prizes. A number of paintings is embodied in "China Modern Art High-quality Goods Collection", "New Century Calligraphy and Painting Art Classical Collection", "Contemporary Calligraphy and Painting Artists High-quality Goods General Collection”.




Main award-winning works:

" Ling Han " won the honorable mention in "Asian Paintress Works Exhibition";
" Bright Spring Day " won the second prize in " 1993 Chinese Painting Exhibition ";
" Winter Jasmine " won first prize in "Chinese Big Cities Art Exhibition";
" Dai Yue " won first prize in "High-quality Artworks Exhibition of China Cultural and Arts Festival ";
" Spring time " won first prize in "Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Establishing PRC and Macao’s return Art Exhibition".


《凌寒》获“亚洲女画家作品大展”优秀奖 ;
《迎春花》获“中国大城市美展”一等奖 ;
《戴月》获“中国文化艺术节美术精品展”一等奖 ;

Fu Yun's Pictures:

Fu YunFu Yun

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Fu Yun Fu Yun

Fu Yun Fu Yun

Fu Yun Fu Yun

Fu Yun Fu Yun

Fu Yun  

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