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Felicia Phillips A Very
Happy Customer" (view more..)
Tian Yun Sheng, 田云胜,山东人,职业花鸟画家。擅长国画牡丹,鸡,鲤鱼。作品笔法娴熟,着色丰富,获得众多书画爱好者好评,其作品多次刊登在省市级报纸及其它艺术刊物中。 Tian Yun Sheng, from Shandong province, is a professional flower and bird painter. He is good at Chinese painting fo ... (View More)
Tian Yun Sheng Chinese Painting tys21113001 Tian Yun Sheng Chinese Painting tys21113002
Chen Shao Hua, born in 1958, a professional painter. He graduated from Chinese Painting Department of Guangxi Normal University. Good at freehand flower&bird painting and animal painting. His style is fresh and natural, with gliding lines and quietly elegant color. Flowers and birds are vivid, fascinating and different in forms. Plum blossom he creat ... (View More)
Chen Shao Hua Chinese Painting 2313009 Chen Shao Hua Chinese Painting 2313012
Ke Yi Zhi, 柯一芝,职业画家。女,1966年生于四川,1988年毕业于四川美院,现定居于广西桂林。 自幼喜欢画画,对中国传统的绘画艺术有着执着而浓厚的兴趣,擅长国画花鸟牡丹。 柯一芝的画用笔洒脱灵动,清新雅丽,墨韵墨色层次丰富而多变,色彩艳丽而不俗语媚 ... (View More)
Ke Yi Zhi Chinese Painting kyz21155001 Ke Yi Zhi Chinese Painting kyz21155002
Wei Zhu Wen, 韦祝文,广西阳朔人。是一位有着严谨画风的实力画家。擅长花鸟画,其花鸟画作品笔法简洁、风格清新隽永,疏淡悠远而有诗意,具有很高的艺术表现力和感染力,观其画,如读一首韵味无穷的小令,或让人心旷神怡。 Wei Zhu Wen, was born in Yangshuo, Guangxi. H ... (View More)
Wei Zhu Wen Chinese Painting wzw41156001 Wei Zhu Wen Chinese Painting wzw21156001
Zhao jing Hong, 赵景虹,生于桂林北郊。家境贫寒,自小农耕于天地山水、花鸟鱼虫之间。现为广西省美协会员 ,一级美术师。 记事起就独钟于书画和传统文化,十六岁求学书画,2011年至2013年于广西师范大学书法系、国画系求学,师法齐白石、黄宾虹先贤,崇尚儒释 ... (View More)
Zhao jing Hong Chinese Painting zjh21157001 Zhao jing Hong Chinese Painting zjh21157002
Dan Qing, 丹青,男。1974年生于广西桂林阳朔。自幼酷爱书画,1998年毕业于广西师范大学艺术系。主攻花鸟画。画家笔下的花鸟清雅秀逸、脱俗,通常简单以枯枝瘦石就能构略出一幅意境完美佳作,给人感觉胸有成竹,意在笔先,而且在笔下倾注着自己追求向往的那 ... (View More)
Dan Qing Chinese Painting dq41158006 Dan Qing Chinese Painting dq41158004
Liao Zhong Liu, 廖忠柳,1970年出生,职业画家。曾得著名画家宗其香先生指导,现为省美协会员。尤擅大写意花鸟与山水。其写意花鸟画画意清新,长于抒情。追求画外情,画外意,所以诗意盎然,意境可人。值得收藏。 Liao Zhongliu, born in 1970, is a professional painter. He was ... (View More)
Liao Zhong Liu Chinese Painting lzl21221008 Liao Zhong Liu Chinese Painting lzl21221015
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