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"Greetings! I received my painting
a few weeks ago and just want to let
you know I am very pleased with it. It
was beautifully wrapped and arrived
in perfect condition. The painting itself
is gorgeous and I had it professionally
framed and hung above my fireplace. It
is a wonderful addition to my home.
Thank you for the excellent customer
service and fast delivery. Many
blessing to you in the New Year!
Felicia Phillips A Very
Happy Customer" (view more..)
Jin Ao Shan Ren, alias Cao Hai, Diaozhe, Diaozhe Lao Cao or Master of Study Fengya, that was born in ancient town Zhangan in 1981. He is a member of Creative Centre of Chinese Artists and researcher of Wu Daozi Art Gallery. Studied Chinese painting on his own since childhood, Cao copied vast paintings that were drawn by masters Shi Tao, Ren Bainian, Qi ... (View More)
Jin Ao Shan Ren Chinese Painting 2364001 Jin Ao Shan Ren Chinese Painting 2364002
Ye Liu, alias Liu Honglin, who was born in Liaoning Province in 1948. He apprenticed under professors Bai Duozhai, Jiang Yunong and Ma Jin in his small years, learning seal cutting, calligraphy and Chinese painting. From 1969 to 1984, Liu spent time with famous artist Wang Senran who is the professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts. From 1975 to ... (View More)
Ye Liu Chinese Painting 2371035 Ye Liu Chinese Painting 2371034
Li Ming De, famous calligrapher and painter in Jilin. He has engaged in panting and calligraphy for many years. For half a century, he learnt diligently from ancient and modern and north and south. Thus, he benefits a lot from it. We can say that he is always studying or imitating from the nature. Mr. Li Ming De excels in Xieyi Chinese painting an ... (View More)
Li Ming De Chinese Painting 2372005 Li Ming De Chinese Painting 4372001
Sun Fang, also called “Shui mo xuan zhu”. He is a famous Chinese painting artist. He was born in Beijing in 1949, and he graduated from the art and calligraphy department of Tianjing Education Institute. He learned the Chinese splash-ink painting style from one of Qi Baishi’s disciple Ms. Wu Ruizhen in 1974, and the calligraphy and seal cutti ... (View More)
Li Ming Ying, is a young painter who was born in Tangshan, Hebei province. She learned the traditional thick-colors Gongbi birds&flowers painting style from “the king of cat in northeast China”—Cui Jianye. She is skilled in painting animals, birds&flowers in thick-colors Gongbi style. Now she is a member of Beijing Poem, Calligraphy and Painting ... (View More)
Li Ming Ying Chinese Painting 2374001 Li Ming Ying Chinese Painting 4374013
Zhang ji De, also called A De. He is the founder of Shangwen Calligraphy and Painting Institute and the host of Zhu-yun-xuan Art Gallery. He has been working in art work for several decades, refering to oil painting, watercolor, seal cutting, calligraphy and photography fields. He laid the foundation of Chinese painting creation in later stage. He ... (View More)
Zhang ji De Chinese Painting 2375001 Zhang ji De Chinese Painting 2375002
Zhang Shuang Yue, is the the great master Qi Baishi’s disciple's disciple. For half a century he has been diligently studying and practising master Qi’s painting art, and instructed by master Qi’s first disciple-Lou Shibai. The best characteristic of his artworks is between “like” and “don’t like”. He paid attention to the artistic atmosphe ... (View More)
Zhang Shuang Yue Chinese Painting 2376001  
Hua Jie, is a professional painter and skilled in painting insects, birds and flowers. His paintings have sharp strokes, suitable concentrations of ink and look quite like masterpieces. He is one of the most potential painters. 华杰 职业画家,擅长虫草花鸟。作品笔锋犀利,泼墨经典到位,颇有大家风采,是不可 ... (View More)
Hua Jie Chinese Painting 2377001 Hua Jie Chinese Painting 2377002
Wu Yun, was born in Guilin in 1968. He is a professional artist who is skilled in landscape and bird&flower. Paid more attention to the traditional techniques and expression of strokes, that makes his art works fresh and tranquil. 吴云, 男,1968年生于广西桂林,职业画家,擅长画花鸟、山水画。作品注重传统技法 ... (View More)
Wu Yun Chinese Painting 2370003 Wu Yun Chinese Painting 2370004
Xiao Zi Xian, 萧子贤,1978年生于广西桂林的一个小山村。自幼喜欢绘画,11岁跟当地的一些民间国画师学习国画,主要以花鸟为主,兼画写意人物。 2000年后,潜心研习现代名家范曾,刘大为,王西京,王成喜等名家作品,逐渐形成自己的作品风格,2006年创建桂南画社, ... (View More)
Xiao Zi Xian Chinese Painting xzx21112001 Xiao Zi Xian Chinese Painting xzx21112002
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