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"Greetings! I received my painting
a few weeks ago and just want to let
you know I am very pleased with it. It
was beautifully wrapped and arrived
in perfect condition. The painting itself
is gorgeous and I had it professionally
framed and hung above my fireplace. It
is a wonderful addition to my home.
Thank you for the excellent customer
service and fast delivery. Many
blessing to you in the New Year!
Felicia Phillips A Very
Happy Customer" (view more..)
Hu Yi Hong, alias master of Hang Mo Xuan, born in Harbin in 1970s. He graduated from Heilongjiang Sanjiang Arts Vocational College. Engaged in research and creation of Gongbi flower-and-bird painting for a long time, he first study flower-and-bird painting of Song Dynasty style, then follow modern masters to seek new technique of expression and absor ... (View More)
Hu Yi Hong Chinese Painting 2384016 Hu Yi Hong Chinese Painting 2384002
Xu Long, alias Qinya Zhaizhu or Funiu Shanren. In his early years, he took a refresher course in China Central Academy of Fine Arts, then leant technique of painting from master for three years in Bejing. He has engaged in theoretical research and creation of callugraphy and painting for ages. Skilled in landscape painting and flower-and-bird pain ... (View More)
Xu Long Chinese Painting 2385005 Xu Long Chinese Painting 2385006
Kang Xing Bo, alias Kang Bo, native of Shangdong who was born in 1962. He is a professional painter. And now he is the executive director of Chinese Countryside Painting Association, director of Chinese Artists Association, project officer of the fine arts column “Artworks Exhibition Room” of JNTV-6. He studied paintig since childhood, and was ... (View More)
Kang Xing Bo Chinese Painting 2386001 Kang Xing Bo Chinese Painting 2386002
Ou Yang Guo De, Ou Yang Guo De,born in Ningyuan of Hunan province in 1961. He is subdecanal of Southwest Art Academy of China and Research Institute of Chinese Standard Cursive Script, Prof. of the Art of Calligraphy and Landscape Painting of China. Exposed to art when he was a little child, he was keen of calligraphy and painting and was diligent ... (View More)
Ou Yang Guo De Chinese Painting 2387087 Ou Yang Guo De Chinese Painting 2387093
Wu Yi Yi Gong, alias Yin Chun or Yi Gong, that was born in Baoji of Shaanxi Province in 1961. He is part of Shaanxi Artists Association and researcher of Shaanxi Institution of Calligraphy and Painting. 乌衣一弓, 名迎春,字一弓。1961年出生,陕西宝鸡市人。陕西省美术家协会会员,陕西书画艺术研究院研究员。 (View More)
Wu Yi Yi Gong Chinese Painting 2365001 Wu Yi Yi Gong Chinese Painting 2365002
Ni Chun Sheng, was born in Yingkou of Shangdong Province in 1942. He had been educated by famous artist Wang Xuetao, Professor Guo Xihe and Sun Entong in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. Majored in landscape of Xinjiang, Ni is also versed in bird&flower, especially in depicting goldfish. Had eyes only for goldfish since 1960s, Ni went deep into how to ex ... (View More)
Ni Chun Sheng Chinese Painting 2366001 Ni Chun Sheng Chinese Painting 2366002
Ya Cong, was born in 1954. Engaged in artistic creation over several decades, she is one of National Extra Grade painters, part of Jilin Society for Education in Art and executive director of Jilin Association of Painting and Calligraphy. For the past few years, she has devoted herself in creation of freehand bird&flower painting. Her work is a s ... (View More)
Ya Cong Chinese Painting 2367002 Ya Cong Chinese Painting 2367003
Shi Jin Yuan, alias Master of Moyuan study, that was born in Laoling of Shandong province in 1978. Learnt from well-known calligrapher Liu Wenhai and Wang Shijun, now he is part of Beijing Calligraphers and Painters Association, a committer of Chinese Council for Promotion of Communication of Culture & Arts between Asia and Europe, an academician of Be ... (View More)
Shi Jin Yuan Chinese Painting 2369001 Shi Jin Yuan Chinese Painting 2369002
Zhou Guang Yun, native of Yongzhou of Hunan province. His interest in literature and history motives him to study calligraphy. Being skilled in Semi-cursive script, Zhou is also able to write Cursive script, Clerical script and Lesser Seal Script. Af for Chinese painting, he goods at free hand bird&flower and animal painting which is in muted color tone ... (View More)
Zhou Guang Yun Chinese Painting 2362001 Zhou Guang Yun Chinese Painting 2362002
Wu Da Hua, Wu Da Hua, was born in 1957, that has learnt from several famous artists since his boyhood. Graduated from Correspondence College of Oriental Fine Arts in the early1980s, he ever worked as designer of advertisement or packing. Dived in and to explore in the world of ancient and modern masterpieces of artists domestic and abroad over s ... (View More)
Wu Da Hua Chinese Painting 2363001  
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