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Fang Xin Quan's Biography & Awards:

Fang Xin Quan, 房新泉,1953年生,山东沂源县人。中国花鸟画家。

Fang Xin Quan, from Yiyuan County, Shandong, born in 1953. He is a professional birds & flowers painter.

He graduated from the Art College of Qingdao University of Science and Technology in 1977, and entered the postgraduate class of China Academy of Art in 1991. He is currently a member of China Artists Association, senior artist of Shandong Painting Academy, president of Linyi Painting Academy, president of Beijing Chinese Ink Painting Academy, and national first-class artist.

Fang Xinquan is an influential painter in the Chinese art world, especially in the field of flower and bird painting. The special technique of his original modern ink painting, known in Chinese and foreign painting circles, is elegant and original. His works have also been published in major domestic and foreign magazines, and exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, the United States, and domestic art galleries and galleries. He is One of the most influential painters.


Rewards History:

In 1988, his creation of "Soul of the Snow" won the first prize of the "International Calligraphy and Painting Competition".
In the same year, the creation of "Ice fun" won the third prize of the "China Cup" Chinese Painting Competition sponsored by the China Artists Association.

In 1988, he published a technical monograph "New Exploration of Ink Painting Techniques", and subsequently published 3 solo albums "Fang Xinquan Painting Collection", which had a great impact throughout the country.

In 1989, he wrote "In the Winter" and won the "China Newcomer Award" for co-organization of "Chinese Fine Arts" and Hong Kong and Taiwan.
The work "Inspiration of Spring" won the bronze medal of "The Seventh National Art Exhibition".

In 1992, he won the prize for the "First Chinese Painting Exhibition".

In 1997, he was awarded to be one of "Hundreds of Famous Calligraphy & Painting Artists of China".

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Fang Xin Quan Fang Xin Quan

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