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Ding Shuo's Biography & Awards:

Ding Shuo, came from Laiyang of Shandong province. He fell in love with Chinese painting when he was a child. He devoted himself to Chinese birds&flowers painting. Skilled in drawing grapes, he continue to develop initiatives based on studying traditional chinese painting. After practicing all kinds of painting skills for many years, he gradually formed his own special painting style .

Now he is a member of Shandong Artists Association, and a member of Shandong Oriental art research institute.

丁硕 山东莱阳人。自幼热爱国画艺术,主攻花鸟,擅长葡萄。丁硕先生在研习传统国画的基础上不断推陈出新,实践各种绘画技法,经过多年努力,逐步形成自己特有绘画风格。


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Ding Shuo Ding Shuo

Ding Shuo Ding Shuo

Ding Shuo Ding Shuo

Ding Shuo Ding Shuo

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