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Ding Shun Zong's Biography & Awards:

Ding Shun Zong, 丁顺宗,男,回族,1950年生于山东济南,号天舜成居士。现为山东省书画学会理事、山东省书法家协会会员、山东省少数民族书画家协会会员、济南市书法家协会会员。



Ding Shun Zong, also called Tian Shun Chen Ju Shi, male, Hui nationality, was born in Jinan, Shandong in 1950. He is currently a director of the Shandong Painting and Calligraphy Society, a member of the Shandong Calligraphers Association, member of the Shandong Minority Calligraphers Association and member of the Jinan Calligraphers Association.

He studied the calligraphy theory and ancient inscriptions. Among the script of regular, Cursive, official and seal, he especially like official and seal script. Over the past three decades, his calligraphy skills have grown deeper and deeper, forming an elegant and stretched artistic style.

His calligraphy works won two silver awards at the National Exhibition in 1998 and 2005, and won several provincial and municipal first or second prizes or outstanding awards. His official script calligraphy was exhibited in the National Art Museum of China in 1987, the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Research Institute in 1989, and the Shandong Provincial Art Museum in 2002. Official script calligraphy and semi-cursive works have been compiled into the "Great Collection of Chinese Artists" which was published by Shandong Museum of Art in 1993, "Excellent Collection of Jinan Book Association" published in 1999, and "Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Collection" published in 1989.

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Ding Shun Zong Ding Shun Zong

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