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Dang Jin You's Biography & Awards:

Dang Jin You, born in Guilin Guangxi, graduated from Guangxi Normal University Art Department, one of the most famous painters in Guangxi. Now is a member of Calligraphy Art Association in Guangxi, also a member of Guangxi Orient art association.

He love painting since very young, had lots of help and guidance from many teachers, inherited the spirit of traditional Chinese folk art. His works combine the western skill and traditional skill, embodying spirit in forms. He seek to innovate based on firmly foundation, he can also draw with elaborate style and liberal style.

He major in landscape paintings with elaborate style, especially well at modeled after an antique landscape painting. His works are fresh, elegant and delicate. His has solid foundation on using ink and brush, the composition of his paintings is perfect. His landscape paintings with elaborate style are very popular.

His works have been showed on many art exhibitions at home and abroad, and have been collected by many art gallery and person.






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