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Da Sheng's Biography & Awards:

Da Sheng, 达晟,浙江温州人。西安美术学院国画系毕业,获学士,硕士学位。师从著名画家,西安美术学院副院长韩宝生教授。现为浙江省美术家协会会员,西安美术家协会会员。


Da Sheng, from Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.Graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts with bachelor's and master's degrees in Chinese painting.

Under the tutelage of famous painter, Professor Han Bao Sheng, vice Dean of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, he is now a member of Zhejiang Artists Association and member of Xi'an Artists Association.

He has been fond of painting since childhood and has more than ten years of creative experience.He is good at oil painting portraits, figures and scenes. Chinese painting of freehand figures, birds and animals, flowers, birds and fishes. He is an all-round painter.





In 1995, his traditional Chinese painting "Bodhidharma Statue" participated in the 7th National Art Exhibition (Nanjing Art Museum).

In 2003, his traditional Chinese painting "Eternal Memory" won the Silver Prize of Zhejiang "Seven Art Exhibition".

In 2008, his traditional Chinese painting "Beautiful Scenery of Bamboo Garden" participated in the "First China Oil Painting Biennial" and won the Academic Prize.

The oil painting "Artist's Story" won the Second Prize in the "Exhibition of Works by Teachers of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts".

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Da Sheng 

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Da Sheng Da Sheng

Da Sheng Da Sheng

Da Sheng Da Sheng

Da Sheng Da Sheng

Da Sheng Da Sheng

Da Sheng Da Sheng

Da Sheng Da Sheng

Da Sheng Da Sheng

Da Sheng Da Sheng

Da Sheng Da Sheng

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