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Chen Ting Yu's Biography & Awards:

Chen Ting Yu, is a professional painter from Guilin, Guangxi province. He has been learning Chinese painting since 1970. Later he had further education in arts department of Guangxi Normal University and majored in landscape painting. He started to develop his own style in 1988. Many of his artworks were introduced by the magazines and newspapers at home and abroad. Now he is a member of Guilin branch of China Artists Association.

His artworks have rigorous and reasonable compositions, fine and smooth ink brushed, as well as harmonious combination between ink and colors. He imitated the ancients in painting but not only imitation. He boldly added his innovative ideas and originalities and created a great deal of excellent artworks which suit both refined and popular tastes.

"The Art Newspaper" had reported a scholarly essay. It’s introduced that as a new star in the painting field nowadays, his artworks have high collection value and great potential to increase in value. Recent years he took part in the national and international exhbitions for many times and awarded a lot. He has been reported by the newspapers and magazines at home and abroad for many times. Many of his artworks were published on "China Calligraphy and Painting Newspaper", " Art World" and "Guangxi Daily" etc.




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