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Chen Bing Kui's Biography & Awards:

Chen Bing Kui, born in Guangzhou city of Guangdong province in 1977, a professional painter, owns the Xiongfeng gallery. He enjoys drawing the Great Wall, Three Gorges, Mt. Tai, Mt. Yellow, Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River, etc. He’s particularly apt at drawing the Great Wall. The kilo-miles extending Great Wall, the bizarre and cliffy hills, the old but strong pines, the flashing colorful cloud in the twilight all show a grandly spiritual vigour in his paintings.


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Chen Bing Kui Chen Bing Kui

Chen Bing Kui Chen Bing Kui

Chen Bing Kui Chen Bing Kui

Chen Bing Kui Chen Bing Kui

Chen Bing Kui Chen Bing Kui

Chen Bing Kui  

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