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Zhang De Quan's Biography & Awards:

Zhang De Quan, was born in 1941 in Baoying, Jiangsu province. He graduated from Jiangsu Chinese Painting Institute in 1965. Now he is the institute director of the birds&flowers painting department of Jiangsu Chinese Painting Institute, and is a member of China Artists Association and a countrylevel artist.

During his education, he instructed by the famous painter Mr. Fu Baoshi and Mr. Qian Songyan, and paid attention to Gongbi style of Song and Yuan Dynasty and laid a strong traditional painting foundation. Recently years he paid attention to seeking the essence of life and has been to Guangdong and Yunnan to sketch the flora and fauna of selva for many times. He created a batch of artworks filled with the flavor of life and modern times and developed his own distinct artistic style.

His artworks were selected into the 6th, 7thand 8th National Exhibition of Art. He won the third prize in “Zhonghua Cup” Chinese Painting Competition, the silver prize in the China-Japan Artistic Exchange Exhibition, and the first prize in the joint exhibition in the gallery of Jiangsu Painting Institut.

His artworks were on-shown in many coutries or districts such as Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Franch, India, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia and Yugoslavia etc. His has published more than ten painting books such as "Zhang Dequan Birds&flowers Paintings Collection", "Gongbi Birds&flowers Paintings Copybook", "All Sorts of Flowers Copybook", "Chinese Peony", "The Contemporary Birds&flowers Paintings Collection" and "The Grand Contemporary Birds&flowers Paintings" etc.




作品还多次在日本、韩国、香港、法国、印度、新加坡、加拿大、马来西亚、南斯拉夫等国家或地区展出。 出版画册有《张德泉花鸟画作品集》、《工笔花鸟画谱》、《百花谱》、《中国牡丹》、《当代花鸟画作品选》、《当代花鸟画大观》等数十种。

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Zhang De Quan Zhang De Quan

Zhang De Quan Zhang De Quan

Zhang De Quan Zhang De Quan

Zhang De Quan Zhang De Quan

Zhang De Quan Zhang De Quan

Zhang De Quan Zhang De Quan

Zhang De Quan Zhang De Quan

Zhang De Quan Zhang De Quan

Zhang De Quan  

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