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Wang Jian Min's Biography & Awards:

Wang Jian Min, in Minquan county of Henan province, Village Wang Gong Zhuang was known as “the 1st village of painting tigers in China”, and Wang Jianmin is one of the “four kings of painting tigers” in the village. Now he is a member of China Artists Association, and the vice president of Farmers Calligraphy and Painting Association of Minquan county. He was honoured as one of the 100 Outstanding Painters”.

His artworks displayed his strong painting skills and profound meanings. In recent years, he travelled thousands miles to the famous moutains and rivers in China to feel the nature and sketch from nature. He also went to the peasant families’s fields and gardens to have a closed-up view of the melon & fruits, birds & flowers, fishes & insects and the form of the grass and trees. He often forgot food and sleep. So, though his subjects were old and had been used by many painters, all of his paintings were very interesting and had special style and features.



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Wang Jian Min Wang Jian Min

Wang Jian Min Wang Jian Min

Wang Jian Min Wang Jian Min

Wang Jian Min  

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