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Shen Hong Yu's Biography & Awards:

Shen Hong Yu, is a young calligrapher in Henan. Alias Tianshi, Huang-he-dao-ren, Yi-ming. He was born under the Funiu mountain near the southern bank of Huanghe River. He loves calligraphy very much since his childhood. He created an unique way to learn and added painting into calligraphy, and developed his unique style which is elegant and fresh.

During 1992~1995, he was studying the first high school in Xinmi and won prizes in the calligraphy competitions for many times.

During 1995~1997, he was learning math in Zhengzhou University. During his education, he was the vice president of the student union in his college, the minister of publicity department and the president of calligraphy association etc. He had organized many calligraphy activities and masters club.

From 1999, he founded Masters Paintings Gallery which mainly sales the works of masters and carries on the mounting and framing service in Zhengzhou. His gallery has some influence in Zhengzhou.

In 2003, he opened Master Mounting Room and Master Carving Room. In April he held masters calligraphy and painting exhibition in Xinzheng. In June he found Chinese Five-thousand Years Art Gallery and started to step into artistic designing and artistic plan activities. One of the calligraphy works he plotted was on-show in Beijing International Art Expo.

He positively took part in the all activities in the 18th Hakka Association Convention in Zhengzhou and donate a large calligraphy piece "Dragon". He was cordially received by Mr. Huang Shihua and took a group photo.

In 2004, Shenzhou thousand miles trip large organization for his artwork "The Return of Moon and Sun" was founded. He planned to hold exhibitions in 99 cities in China and cooperate with Chinese Five-thousand years artistic media to transmit Chinese culture and hold exhibition tour.








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Shen Hong YuShen Hong Yu
Shen Hong YuShen Hong Yu
Shen Hong YuShen Hong Yu

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