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Li Yun Tian's Biography & Awards:

Li Yun Tian, alias “Moyun”, is a Chinese famous paiter. In October, 1940, he was born near the Lijiang River in Guilin. He instructed by his parental since he was young, and modeled from the famous Chinese artist Mr. Li Keran.

Basically, his artworks discribed Guilin landscape, fresh and elegant. It makes peolple feel they are looking at the real Guilin scenary when they are looking at his artworks, so it’s said that “After you saw Li Yuntian’s landscape paintings, you have aready been to Guilin”. He combined the East and West skills and made his paintings vivid in artistic atmosphere, elegant in style, generous in artistic conception, gentle in expression and of a unique style. His works are regarded as the most valuable collections of Good-quality Lijiang Landscape paintings.

His artworks were shown in many national & international exhibitions and won the prizes. His distinctive landscape paintings fascinated many people from different fields, and were collected by many peolple from HongKong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, etc.

In Aprial,1992 he held his art exhibition "The Beauty of Guilin’s Landscape" successfully in Los Angeles, America. It made Guilin Landscape paintings be a beautiful card of Guilin and caused many American come to Guilin for a tour.
In 1993, his ink and wash paintings which mostly discribed Guilin’s landscape were on show ih Tokyo. The Janpanese opened their eyes for what they saw, and he was highly praised by Mr. Fukuda who is the president of Sino-Japanese Cultural Exchange Association.
In recent years, his artworks have been selected into "Five Chinese Artists Painting Exhibition", "The cross-strait Famous Masters’ Painting Exhibition", "Famous Masters’ Works in Chinese Artistic Community", and "The 1st Beijing International Artistic Exposition".
His artistic biography was edited into "Chinese Calligraphers and Painters Directory", "The Contemporary World Artists Directory", and "New Century Famous Calligraphers and Painters Directory",etc.
More than 20 newspapers and periodicals such as "International Daily", "World Daily", "People’s Daily" and "Hongkong Wenhui Daily" have published his artistic achievements.

Now he is a member of The Guangxi Province Artist Association, Guilin Artist Association, China Art Research Institute, Guilin Culture-Exchange Association, etc. And he is one of the First-level Painters. He made contributions to enhance the culture and artistic communication between China and the world.






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